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Daniel, the owner and landscape designer,   was easy to contact, prompt in all scheduling and incredibly knowledgeable about hardscape and landscape design and implementation.  His estimate for our job was thorough and reasonable considering the scope of what we wanted to accomplish.
We told Daniel how we wanted to use our yard and pretty much left the rest to him.   His design was what we wanted and upon completion of the project, it was what both he and we had envisioned.    Daniel has a great eye for color and how to maximize space. 
The crews performing the work in our yard were respectful of our home and our neighbors.  They worked long days to provide us with a minimum number of days of disruption.   Communication with the job supervisor was easy and comfortable.
Our yard now is an incredible, peaceful and comfortable retreat and a fantastic living space.

Leslie Spink

From the initial quote to the final sell off this was an example of how a small business should be run!
Daniel arrived on schedule for an initial quote. Based on calls to other companies this was rarer than we would have thought. He listened as we described in broad terms what we wanted to do. As we had no good idea of price we asked him to bid the job in three stages.  He returned a week later with a sketch of his plan. We considered his bid and others and selected Daniel primarily because he responded to all of our requests and made some key improvements based on his experience. While Daniel was not the lowest bidder he was close and met all of our design requirements plus some.
We committed to a tentative mid-July start date. Two weeks later Daniel called and said he had some scheduling changes and could start the next day...almost a month early! The crew arrived on schedule and worked long hours for ten days. Daniel was there from the start and made frequent drive bys and phone calls to ensure that the job was on track. His crew of Eduardo, Juan and others were skilled and hard workers. They did excellent stonework and were very good in minimizing collateral damage to other landscaping and leaving a clean work site every day. Watching the crew and the daily progress you could tell they were good at their jobs and worked very well together.
The work went much faster than I ever anticipated. We made some minor layout adjustments as they went. The communication and attention to detail was phenomenal. The pictures of before and after says it all.
It was a pleasure to do business with Daniel and his entire crew;  I highly recommend them. 


We were already in the Spring season and I didn't think that Daniel could provide services for a few weeks. I just happened to mention that we were having a family reunion and he made sure the work would be done before the gathering. Within 2 weeks of the initial estimate, his crew came out and had the work done in 4 days. We live a slight hill and we needed our front yard to be even with our neighbors. That required a retainer wall at the end of the property and a lot of back fill. The wall was then matched on the other side of our driveway and a third wall to match in front of our porch. Our mailbox and access to the water meter had to stay at their original places, so the crew creatively built the wall around them and placed perennials on either side of the driveway. The masonry work did not have that rushed looking work. All our neighbors really like it. They are all real professionals! 
Margaret Cain
Littleton, CO​

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